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What Is Lawn Winterization and Why Do I Need It?

Winter can be tough on your lawn, so it pays to be prepared. Lawn winterization is a preventative maintenance procedure designed to ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant all year long, regardless of the weather. At Legacy Turf Care, our team of experts specializes in green lawn care services that will help prepare your lawn for both cold-weather and warm-weather conditions. Learn more about why you need lawn winterization and get in touch with our lawn care company in North Carolina today!

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Protects Against Frost Damage

Once the temperature drops below freezing, your lawn can suffer from frost damage that could be irreversible. With winterization services, our team of experts will inspect your lawn and take steps to prepare it for cold temperatures such as aeration and overseeding.

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Reduces Foot Traffic Damage

Winter weather can also occur in the form of heavy snowfall. This can cause foot traffic damage that could leave lasting impressions on your lawn if not properly addressed. Our winterization strategies include re-seeding and fertilizing to help restore any areas that have been damaged by foot traffic or other external forces.


Reduces Weed Growth

Weeds can be especially problematic during the winter season. Our lawn care services will help reduce weed growth by applying pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn that will prevent any new weeds from sprouting up. We also have post-emergent treatments available for existing weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions.


Controls Disease & Pest Infestation

Diseases and pests can wreak havoc on your lawn if they go unchecked, so it’s important to take steps to protect against them. Winterization treatments such as insecticides and fungicides will help reduce the risk of any harmful organisms taking over your lawn.

At Legacy Turf Care, we understand how important it is to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long. That’s why our team of professionals specializes in lawn winterization services that will protect against frost damage, reduce foot traffic damage, reduce weed growth, and help control disease and pest infestation.

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