Lawn Fertilization

The purpose of lawn fertilization is to restore the nutrients to your soil that the plant life uses over time. Legacy Turf Care offers lawn fertilization services for residential and commercial customers in Midland, North Carolina. Call to get started today!

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What Do Your Plants Need?

Your plants need three main elements in order to thrive:

  1. Phosphorus -- helps your grass develop healthy roots and stems
  2. Nitrates -- promotes healthy leaves by aiding photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll and helps to keep your grass green
  3. Potassium --  helps your grass to resist drought and disease and helps strengthen cell walls

Your soil naturally has these minerals, but they are depleted over time.  Fertilizer is a quick and affordable way to nourish the soil and help your plants grow.

What Does Fertilizer Do?

Fertilizer adds healthy nutrients to the soil. It helps to strengthen your grass and other plants and helps them to grow green. Your lawn will grow faster and thicker, leaving you with a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. You'll have fewer patches and mud puddles, fewer pests, and fewer weeds. When our lawn and plants are healthy, the ecosystems that they support are healthy, too.

7 Step Tall Fescue Fertilizer Program

✔ Winter lime application: To ensure we keep your pH level at the proper level

✔ Late winter pre-emergent crab grass prevention + fertilizer, the beginning of the spring green up is just around the corner.

✔ Early spring pre-emergent crab grass prevention + fertilizer to bring your lawn out of dormancy quicker

✔ Mid spring organic micronutrient rich fertilizer to feed the microorganisms in your soil

✔ Early summer iron and micronutrient fertilizer

✔ Late summer iron and micronutrient fertilizer

✔ Winterizer fertilizer to put your lawn to sleep for the winter

8 Step Bermuda & Zoysia Fertilizer Program

✔ Late winter pre-emergent crab grass prevention

✔ Early spring pre-emergent crab grass prevention

✔ Late spring organic micronutrient fertilizer

✔ Early summer balanced nitrogen fertilizer

✔ Midsummer iron & organic micronutrients

✔ Late summer organic fertilizer

✔ Early fall pre-emergent crab grass preventer + fertilizer

✔ Winter lime application

Add to any Package:

✔ Fall core-aeration, over-seeding & starter fertilizer

✔ Annual blue grass supression

✔ Flea & tick treatments

✔ Brown patch fungicide treatments

✔ Mole treatment

✔ Soil testing

✔ Lime treatment

✔ Organic soil enhancers

✔ Tree & shrub granular fertilization

✔ Tree & shrub insect control

✔ Armyworm & grub control

✔ Fire ant control


Legacy Lawn Care is a Midland-based lawn maintenance company that loves helping our residential and commercial customers have the lush lawn that they desire. Our team is a locally owned business that aims to help you improve the soil, nourish your grass and plants, and enjoy your outdoor living space. With so many reasons to be in nature, you want to enjoy every second. Let us care for your lawn, while you soak up the health benefits of being outdoors with your friends and family. Call for a free quote today!

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