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Fall Core Aeration and Over-Seeding: Why Do It?

As the weather cools down in North Carolina, many property owners believe that lawn care services are no longer necessary. After all, your landscape is about to go dormant, right? At Legacy Turf Care, we’re here to tell you this is a misconception. Lawns benefit from maintenance services throughout most of the year, and fall is the perfect time for core aeration and over-seeding. Learn why, and then contact us to schedule your lawn care service.

Loosens Compacted Soil

Over the summer, your lawn’s soil can become compacted, which makes it harder for the roots of your lawn to grow and remain healthy. Fortunately, core aeration combats this issue by loosening the soil, allowing roots to spread and absorb nutrients while also improving your lawn’s drainage.

Fills in Bare Patches

If your lawn is looking patchy, you don’t have to wait until next spring to do something about it. The Legacy Turf Care team can provide you with over-seeding services, which help fill in bare patches and encourage thick lawn growth. Over-seeding also enhances the overall appearance of your landscape.

Ideal Time for Seed Germination

You may be surprised to learn that fall is among the best times of year for new lawn seeds to germinate. This is because the balance of warm and cool temperatures provides ideal conditions for seeds to sprout. It also gives the seeds ample time to take root before winter weather sets in.

Creates a Healthy and Lush Lawn

When you combine core aeration and over-seeding services in the fall, you get the best results for your lawn. Not only do these treatments help maintain your landscape before the weather gets too cold, but they also help set your lawn up for success when spring rolls back around. By aerating and over-seeding, you’ll achieve the healthy lawn of your dreams.

If you want your home or business to boast the best lawn in the midland region of North Carolina, turn to Legacy Turf Pros this fall. We’re skilled in core aeration and over-seeding, and we’ll help transform your landscape into something worth being proud of!

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