Legacy Turf Care aims to craft beautiful residential and commercial custom lawns for our customers all throughout North Carolina around the Midland area. We service residential and commercial properties, including athletic fields and homeowners associations. We value hard work and the ability to gain results quickly. Our team can craft a custom lawn care and maintenance service plan that can meet your individual needs. We offer a great lawn care package that can be tailored to you. To learn more and to get started on lawn care, call today!


We service residential & commercial properties, including athletic fields & Home Owners Associations.

Lawn Fertilization

The point of lawn fertilization is to help your lawn grow green and strong. In the spring, it gives your grass the extra boost it needs from its long winter hibernation to make your lawn cool and green. In the fall, lawn fertilization can help your lawn weather the winter better.

Here at Legacy Turf Care, we serve the Midland region in North Carolina with the best lawn fertilization service. All of our lawn maintenance programs are customized to your needs.

We perform a thorough evaluation of your lawn and then recommend a lawn care and fertilization program that will ensure your lawn looks great and stays healthy all year long. Get in touch today!


Our core aeration service includes core aeration, tall fescue seed and a well-balanced starter fertilizer that gives the new seedlings the right nutrients from start to finish. The aeration is the process of removing small plugs from the lawn with a machine. The holes that the machine makes allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to better penetrate to the roots of your grass.

Aeration also helps your lawn fight soil compaction which is an ongoing issue with our southern clay.

After the aeration is complete, the seed, starter fertilizer, and the plugs that have been removed slowly wash into the holes & start to germinate in 10-14 days with the proper amount of water.


From time to time trees and shrubs might fall victim to some localized pests. Certain varieties of trees and shrubs are more vulnerable than others. No matter the case, we have a spring and fall treatment and prevention program. In addition to insect control, our treatment package has an organic fertilizer to help keep your plants roots thriving and keep the new growth healthy and lush.


The most common disease in tall fescue lawns is brown patch caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani. Brown patch is primarily a midsummer disease, but may occur anytime when night temperatures exceed 70°F and grass blades remain wet for periods of 10 hours or longer. To combat the brown patch disease, we have a program that includes three to four applications of a specialized fungicide to stop brown patch from setting in. Included in the application is seaweed kelp extract to help relieve summer heat stress. Heavy irrigation and rainfall can lessen the effectiveness of the treatments and also cause the brown patch disease to worsen.


Grub worms are a common issue in tall fescue lawns. Grubs, in most cases, are the larvae of Japanese beetles. After the beetles mate during the late spring and early summer, the females lay eggs in the soil. Once the eggs hatch, the grubs feed on the roots of the tall fescue grass during the warm summer days. As the soil temperature begins to fall, they burrow deeper in the soil, oftentimes to a depth of 4+ feet.

When the spring temperatures warm the soil the grub worms make their way back to the root zone to start feeding again.

During the summer, grub damage can often appear to be drought stress. Serious infestations will often cause large irregular patches to die. The tunneling of the larvae causes the turf to feel spongy underfoot and the turf can often be rolled back like a loose piece of sod.

We have a variety of treatments to combat grubs, from pre-treatments that stop grubs from being able to mature in the spring and treatments for adult grub worms when found in late summer early fall.


  1. Late Winter — Pre-emergent crabgrass preventer plus fertilizer
  2. Early Spring — Pre-emergent crabgrass preventer plus fertilizer
  3. Early Summer — Iron fertilizer
  4. Late Summer — Iron fertilizer
  5. Early Fall — Lime application
  6. Fall — Organic root booster application
  7. Early Winter — Winterizer color boosting fertilizer
  8. Fescue grass


  • Fall core-aeration, over-seeding & starter fertilizer
  • Annual blue grass suppression
  • Flea & tick treatments
  • Brown patch fungicide treatments
  • Mole treatment
  • Soil testing
  • Lime treatment
  • Organic soil enhancers
  • Tree & shrub liquid or granual fertilization
  • Tree & shrub insect control
  • Compost top dressing
  • Armyworm & grub control
  • Fire ant control


As you can see from above, we offer many lawn care packages to give your residential home or commercial business in Midland the look you want. Whether you love a green yard for the kids to play on, or you want to give your customers the best first impression, we can help. Our lawn-care services are comprehensive in order to ensure your lawn is beautiful all-year round. With our years of experience and knowledge, your lawn will weather whatever storms come its way. Get in touch today!