Lawn Aeration & Over-Seeding

When it comes to lawn aeration and over-seeding, it's crucial to perform these tasks correctly and when the weather and season cooperate. Legacy Turf Care offers lawn aeration and seeding services to those in the greater Midland area. Due to the hot summers in North Carolina, it's crucial to not only take care of your lawn, but help it to grow, too. Reach out to Legacy Turf Care to get started today.

Fall core aeration & why we do it

Core aeration is the process of mechanically pulling small cores out of the lawn to allow air, water & nutrients to penetrate deeper into the root zone of the lawn. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Relieve compaction of the soil
  • Open the soil for air, water & nutrients to penetrate deeper into the root zone
  • Loosen and prepare the soil bed for fresh seeding
  • Loosen the soil in poor draining areas of your lawn so the water can drain

Charlotte, North Carolina region is in the transition zone. Our geographic location is better suited for warm-season grass such as zoysia or Bermuda, they can tolerate the heat & drought stress better. But tall fescue grass is still a very common and sought-after variety. Tall fescue struggles to handle the summer heat, so you may see signs of thinning and bare areas over the course of the summer months. Along with disease and insect pressure throughout the growing season, your lawn might need some repairing in the fall months. This is another reason why aerating and seeding is so important in the fall. The cooler months are the best time of the year to re-seed and allow your new seedlings time to establish deep roots before the next season's heatwave. Timing of seeding is very important, plant too late in the spring/summer and the roots will not be able to grow deep enough to make it through the summer heat. The scorching summer heat will dry the roots up until the plant has been completely killed. The fall is the best time of the year to establish a new lawn.

How is Lawn Aeration Performed?

Lawn aeration is performed using special equipment that is designed to pull plugs, or cores, out of the soil at regular intervals. This achieves the purpose of letting in air, water, and nutrients to the root zone of the soil, as well as breaking up the compacted soil.

When Should You Aerate Your Grass?

Here in North Carolina, we recommend aerating your lawn in the late fall when the weather becomes cooler. This helps prepare your soil for the upcoming winter months.

How is Over-Seeding Performed?

Over-seeding is a great way to help your thin lawn grow thick again. In essence, grass seed is adding to your existing lawn without having to dig up the soil. You'll get thicker grass and more color in a jiff. It's also a great way to plant a different type of supportive grass to shore up your existing grass.

When Should You Over-Seed Your Lawn?

Over-seeding is great to do in the fall when your lawn is heading towards hibernation because the roots have time to grow. It can also be done in the spring or summer, too.


Your lawn's soil can compact, not drain properly, and lack nutrients. The goal of lawn care and particular lawn aeration and over-seeding is to support healthy grass growth without being detrimental. Contact our family-owned lawn care company in Midland today!

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