Why Is My Neighbor’s Grass Greener?

There may be several reasons why your neighbor may have greener grass. I will touch on the most common things that might affect your lawn.

K31 Tall fescue – Most home building/construction companies plant the cheapest variety of tall fescue grass they can find. K31 (Kentucky 31) variety of tall fescue is hands down one of the toughest & drought resistant varieties of fescue grass. But what it lacks is the ability to turn a darker shade of green. Not only is it limited on color, but it is a coarser wide blade of grass. Newer varieties of turf type tall fescue grass have a thinner slower growing blade of grass which allows more blades of grass per square foot, giving your lawn a thicker lush appearance. Not only do the newer varieties of fescue give you the appearance of a thicker lawn from the smaller blade but they are more disease resistant and have the ability to turn a darker shade of green. K31 has been used in commercial, industrial sites, roadways, county parks & livestock pastures for many years.

Soil Quality

Quality of your soil – Our clay soils have proven to be a tough environment to get a good lawn, tree, shrubs or garden started in. Without amending the soil with organic matter you might be in for an uphill battle. Sure we can grow just about anything in the clay soil, but to get the plant material to thrive we need better quality of soil.

If you’re living in a newer home built in a development chances are your problem lies just inches below the top surface. We’ve noticed for many years that builders of homes will leave behind a lot of building debris when completing a house. Just inches under the surface you’ll find gravel, brick chips & discarded concrete mix containing mortar sand. Although the damage is done from the construction crew burying their garbage, our compost spreading services can help alleviate this issue over time.

Tree Roots & Shade

If you have a large number of mature trees shading your lot this can inhibit your lawns ability to thrive. The trees extensive root system soaks up all the water & nutrients leaving only table scraps for the lawn. Millions of tiny feeder roots lie just inches under the ground soaking up everything it can on a first come first serve basis!