What Will Fertilizer Do For Your Lawn?

Pre-emergent Crab Grass Preventer + Fertilizer

This application creates a short term barrier from newly un-germinated weeds. Stopping them from germinating in the early spring months. This treatment does not stop weeds that have previously germinated in years past that will once again rear their ugly heads at the first sign of spring. The pre-emergent application creates an effective barrier for roughly 30-45 days. This is why your program will include more than one application staggered the proper amount of days apart. In conjunction with this application will be a nitrogen based fertilizer application to help green your lawn up from the dormant winter months.

Spring/Summer Iron Fertilizer

Once the warmer Spring/Summer weather has arrived we no longer use nitrogen based fertilizers to keep your lawn green. Nitrogen fertilizers in the warmer months can damage your lawns ability to naturally fight off disease & insects. We use a custom blend of organic and synthetic fertilizers to give your lawn premium results.


Lime is important for our southern lawns that are growing in dense clay soils. Lime is used to adjust your soils pH to proper levels. Natural soil pH in the Charlotte area is around 5.0. The target pH being 6.0-7.0. We utilize soil testing to determine which kind of lime is needed for your lawn and how many pounds of lime is needed to correct your pH.

Organic Root Booster Dertilizer

Our organic root boosting fertilizer is 100% organic and not only adds organic micro nutrients back into your soil it also helps slowly break up the compaction of the clay soil.

Winterizer Color Boosting Fertilizer

Late fall and early winter we apply a high nitrogen fertilizer to help your lawn keep as much green through the cold winter months as possible. How much green color your lawn holds through these colder months is directly correlated with the quality of soil that your lawn has. If your lawn does not hold onto its green color for very long during the winter you might want to consider our compost top dressing service.

Bermuda Grass Suppression

Did you know we can kill the Bermuda grass creeping into your fescue lawn and not harm the fescue grass? We have a treatment program that consists of 3 applications to remove or slow down the progression of unwanted Bermuda grass in your fescue. One application is applied just as your Bermuda grass goes into dormancy (around October) and two applications as the Bermuda grass is coming out of dormancy (March/April) Applying the treatment to your lawn at the correct time of the year is critical to the level of suppression of the Bermuda grass. Although these application are very successful, it is impossible to create a barrier to stop it from creeping back into your lawn from either the road or neighboring properties.

Did You Know?

Bermuda grass roots can grow 10’ deep! Bermuda grass can spread into your lawn from clippings that blow into your lawn from neighboring properties or even clippings blowing off the street into your lawn.