As a homeowner, you want every aspect of your landscaping to look its best. Believe it or not, a significant part of that has to do with maintaining your trees and shrubs. If your trees and shrubs are dying, overgrown, or simply looking a bit unruly, it can really take away from the overall beauty of your yard. Luckily, our team at Legacy Turf Care is here to help! Our lawn care company can provide you with quality tree and shrub services to ensure your lawn looks its best. Learn more and get in touch with us in North Carolina to schedule green lawn care today!

What Are Tree and Shrub Services?

At Legacy Turf Care, our tree and shrub services are all about planting, trimming, treating, and caring for your trees and shrubs in order to ensure they look their best. We understand how important it is for you to have a lawn that looks amazing no matter what season you’re in. That’s why we offer tree and shrub services from our lawn care company. We’ll help you select the plants that are best for your location, make sure they stay healthy, and even trim them back when needed.

The Importance of Tree and Shrub Services

Tree and shrub services are important for keeping any lawn looking its best. Trimming and pruning can help keep lawns looking neat, while tree cutting can reduce the risk of damage and injury to property. Furthermore, tree and shrub services help ensure lawns remain healthy by removing dead or weak branches that could otherwise be a breeding ground for disease. This is especially important when it comes to preventing diseases from spreading from one lawn to another.


From time to time trees & shrubs might fall victim to some localized pests. Certain varieties of trees and shrubs are more vulnerable than others. No matter the case we have a spring and fall treatment/prevention program. In addition to insect control, our treatment package has an organic fertilizer to help keep your plants’ roots thriving and keep the new growth healthy and lush.

Six-Step Shrub Fertilizer Package

    • Late Winter:  Dormant oil to prevent scale.
    • Early Spring: Balanced nutrient fertilizer application.
    • Late Spring: Organic fertilizer treatment with insecticide and fungicide prevention.
    • Summer: Insecticide and fungicide.
    • Fall: Organic fertilizer and fungicide.
    • Late fall: Balanced nutrient fertilizer application.

At Legacy Turf Care, we’re committed to helping you keep your lawn looking amazing. Our tree and shrub services can help you achieve that goal by keeping trees and shrubs healthy, strong, and beautiful. We provide green lawn care using environmentally friendly products in North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care company and schedule tree and shrub services for your lawn. We look forward to helping you enjoy a beautiful lawn!

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